The father of “the Adventures of electronics” and “Wizards”: I left the life of a brilliant Director

Отец "Приключений Электроника" и "Чародеев": ушел из жизни гениальный режиссер

today, 08:20

In the American Detroit on 81-m to year of life has died the cult Director of the film “the adventures of electronics” and “Magicians” Konstantin Bromberg. The author of the blockbusters “the adventures of electronics” and “Magicians” died in the United States. This was announced by Director and writer Michael Idov.

It happened two days ago, said January 13. Instead, he was fascinated by the idea to create a mobile Museum with copies of world masterpieces.

Отец "Приключений Электроника" и "Чародеев": ушел из жизни гениальный режиссер

Died Director Konstantin Bromberg at the age of 80 years. Recent years he lived in the United States. In 2011, it was reported that he plans to make a TV series based on “the Adventures of electronics”, but this project was never realized.

Konstantin Bromberg created cycles of E. Mravinsky, Karajan G., V. Andronikov.

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Отец "Приключений Электроника" и "Чародеев": ушел из жизни гениальный режиссер

Still from the film the adventures of electronics

In the 1980-ies began collaborating with CNN. Then lived in USA in Detroit, is not doing the film.

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