The fathers around me

Les pères autour de moi

I always emphasize Mothers day, but it’s been a few years that I forget that of the fathers.

It is no doubt due at least partially to the fact that it is the fifth that passes since I lost mine. I note that the reflex to refer to him fades. They are rare, these nano-seconds of “wait until I tell it to p’pa !” before remembering that it doesn’t happen. These “let’s see, p pa the not, that…” when I’m looking for historical information or family that I hesitate on a financial decision.

It pains me, because it was a manifestation of my grief to which I was attached. He is gone, but it was me who walked away, continuing to grow.

Perception of the world

There are my own authorship – or rather, its non-achievement to date – which should play also. This is something that is coming up, but I approach the age of forty. Without that it makes me ” a father late in life, there will be a greater distance between my perception of the world and that of my children. I will put the world in accepting that I will miss a large part of their life and that if I die at the same age as my father, I do not know probably not their own children. Like me who put never mine in the arms of their grand-father.

Pay of his flesh

In short, the feast of the Fathers is something that I forget too much stress, and this is not fair. Because I have some of the best examples to try to be a good person in life that the dedication and the tenderness that I see my buddies, the guys offer their little ones. The willingness to pay of her flesh to ensure the well-being of the most vulnerable, I see in the fathers around me.

Thank you to the dads who “take care”. Please show me the best part of us, the least selfish. Thank you leave to your children the desire to seek your advice even beyond death.

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