The favorites of “Eurovision” almost got in an accident, the cause will be a lesson to every driver

Фавориты "Евровидения" едва не попали в ДТП, причина станет уроком каждому водителю

The Eurovision song contest, photo UNIAN

today, 11:24

The members of the famous Ukrainian group KADNAY remembered driving the old car with the sleepy driver and almost procapil in a terrible accident.

So, during the filming of the show “hi, 20th!”, which channel Ukraine will broadcast in the evening of 31 December, Mr Cadney, Philip, Denis Korkin and Vitaly Jozsi from the group KADNAY shared an unpleasant memory. The guys told the details of one joint trip.

Musicians remembered how once had to go to another event right after the concert, but missed the train. So they had to go by car.

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Фавориты "Евровидения" едва не попали в ДТП, причина станет уроком каждому водителю

KADNAY, photos Сlutch

“We had to go to another concert, it seems that when the train did not have time… and we have sent the bus, but the driver is some kind of “cloudy” was. The guys have all went to bed, and I look at the driver’s eyes in the mirror and feel something’s been bothering me. An hour or two I see he starts to close his eyes. I “passed out” is literally in ten minutes, and when I woke up, saw the car just rolling from side to side on the road”, – said the member of the group KADNAY Vitaly Chodzinski.

However, despite the fatigue, none of the guys did not panic and began to Wake up colleagues.

“We offered the driver some rest. He said that everything is fine, recovered. This, of course, not a very happy story. But she did remember for a lifetime – you never know what could happen,” recalled the band KADNAY.

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