The FCCQ wants to accelerate growth in a sustainable way

The Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ) presents an economic development strategy entitled Accelerating the pace: six keys to sustainable wealth, intended for all Quebec decision-makers: elected officials, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. civil society.
The ‘labor supply, infrastructure, the supply of capital, energy, technology and the regulatory and business climate are the six keys identified by FCCQ whose strategy is sustainable economic growth in Quebec.

The strategy was developed after the FCCQ made a finding: “Quebec has an enviable economic performance, but must persevere, because we have no more excuses, but rather great opportunities.”

“A glass half full. Such is, in a few words, the state of Quebec’s economy. Quebec’s progress is clear: a rebound in GDP, a historically low unemployment rate, employment rates exceeding Canada’s. Yet, we still have a huge untapped potential, “says FCCQ President and CEO Stéphane Forget.

“We are a developed society whose growth is not up to our immense potential. If Quebec has had an apology in the past, we do not have any more, “he adds.

“Rebondir, we know,” says Claude Denis, president of the Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce (CCS). Our companies have the ambition and know how to get up their sleeves, but it is clear that we must define the means to take to face the transition and draw all the available potential, for the benefit of a dynamic region and health. ”

Four changes to be feared

The FCCQ’s Economic Development Plan proposes a targeted intervention strategy for the next five years. It mentions four changes that threaten Quebec’s economic growth: the aging of the population, the emergence of technologies that disrupt consumption, production and economic models, climate change and the need to manage it, and the leap of protectionism and American tax competition. “Elements that have a direct impact on the ability of businesses in the region to propel their growth,” reads in the press release issued by the FCCQ.

In a report, the FCCQ proposes 35 recommendations based on the six keys to sustainable wealth in Quebec. The economic development plan is the result of several months of work, launched in the fall of 2017, in which the CCS and many stakeholders in the economic world have been actively involved. The FCCQ and the CCS are confident that the unveiling of this plan will generate dynamic and fruitful exchanges with businesses, chambers of commerce and elected officials, in order to encourage the greatest possible support for the proposed courses of action.

Finally, the President and CEO of the FCCQ will present the conference Accelerate the pace: six keys to sustainable wealth as part of a tour of the chambers of commerce of Quebec over the next year, raising awareness each time economic leaders and regional policies to the need to accelerate the pace of Québec’s economic growth.

“Accelerated changes are happening in the world and we need to capture them with energy and realism. The proposals put forward by this development strategy call for the mobilization of everyone, entrepreneurs, workers and public authorities, to accelerate the pace and ensure sustainable economic growth in Quebec, “conclude Stéphane Forget and Claude Denis.

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