The Ferrari brand view by Antoine Joubert

La marque Ferrari vue par Antoine Joubert


After having visited the Ferrari dealer in Montreal, on two recent occasions, the chronicler of the Guide of the self Antoine Joubert has analysed the prestigious Italian brand of off-and-on at the microphone of Pierre Nantel, on QUB Radio.

Having recently launched the sublime Roma, Ferrari has the wind in its sails by the time that run. And it is likely to increase over the next few years with the impending arrival of the first SUV of the brand, which should bear the name Thoroughbred.

“We are definitely in a completely different world. […] you walk into the dealership and you’re wondering which model to choose, ” says Antoine Joubert, who was amused to calculate the monthly payments. What a vendor replied that, in any case, the majority of the customers of Ferrari are paying cash.


Decidedly, there are some that have the pockets quite full!

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