The festival Mural will pay tribute to the health workers

Le festival Mural va rendre hommage aux travailleurs de la santé

MONTREAL – The festival Wall will make a flower with the nurses, orderlies and doctors in the framework of its 8th edition, which will take place from 21 June to 21 September, in dedicating a work.

The pandemic has inspired the organizers of the event “street art”. It is on one of the exterior walls of the jewish general Hospital in Montreal that will be painted a gigantic piece in tribute to the first responders.

“It is particularly related to the crisis that we are living currently. This is something that has been done in some american and european cities. We found it important to do here,” explained the director general of the festival, Pierre-Alain Benoit.

“Montreal has been and remains a hot spot of the pandemic, he added. The workers are sacrificed, frankly, for the people. For us, this is the least of the things that art is able to express humbly the recognition of the public towards them.”

If it is not yet known who will be assigned to the creation of this monumental fresco, we now know the broad outlines of the programming.

The Montreal’s Marc-Olivier Lamothe and Ankhone (the collective of A Shop) will be in particular assigned to a wall. The other headliners are Burnt Toast, Fvckrender (duet with Jeremy Shantz), and the veteran’s Denial.

Spread out over two months rather than 11 days as in years past, the festival Wall will also propose his “Corridart” health decorated by a myriad of hand-picked designers. The Charbonne, a passionate of turquoise known for its aesthetic reminiscent of the 80s, is the number.

A new application

A circuit of augmented reality will be offered to all holders of the smart phone. Available from mid-August, the application will allow to learn more about these murals that decorate our daily life.

“In the audio guide, there will be a description of the work, but also to its context of creation”, said the director general.

“It will also have some elements of augmented reality, he added. […] The developers of the application will ask the artists to create certain objects in 3D.”

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