The Festive! Baie-St-Paul is forced to cancel the event, it was to introduce the 24 and 25 July

Le Festif! de Baie-St-Paul est forcé d'annuler l'événement qu'elle devait présenter les 24 et 25 juillet

Public Health has put a red light in the series of shows The Small case which was to showcase The Cowboys Fringants, Les Trois Accords and Patrick Watson, the 24 and 25 July, in Baie-St-Paul.

This event had obtained the green light from authorities before they may be considered as a festival by the public Health. What is prohibited by reason of the pandemic.

The Small case was a series of 12 short performances in the open-air offered by six artists and presented in separate places and unusual.

Les Cowboys Fringants, and The Three Agreements would be staged four times in two days with short benefits of 40 minutes. Patrick Watson and three other artists that were not disclosed were to participate in this event. A maximum of 40 paying spectators would have been allowed to each of the 12 shows.

“Public Health sees our event as a festival because it lasts longer than a day, and if there is more than one show per day. And it, it is prohibited. They wanted to avoid overflows on-site and they have taken this decision,” said Clement Turgeon, general and artistic director of the Festive!, that specifies that this event was not a festival.

There was no bar service on site and it was not necessary to put a chemical toilet due to the short duration of the benefits offered. A consumption was provided to the holders of the notes.

A pre-sale local was to take place Monday and another, open to the general public, would be Thursday. Eighty-five percent of the available tickets were reserved for people of Charlevoix in order, ” says Clement Turgeon, to avoid overflow of the outside.

“We are disappointed, but we’re not bitter. We accept the decision, it keeps the head high and moving on to something else. There is a disappointment because The Small case, it was creative and Festive! in the pure state. It would have been a unique human experience and that cannot be done in a normal context”, he stated.

No question, he says, reveal anything on the form that would have been in place. The concepts could be adopted in 2021.

The CHORUS, which brings together some fifty regional festivals, has denounced the decision of the public health. The group is concerned for its members who are in the process of building, at this time, of events.


Clement Turgeon hopes that guidelines will be issued.

“One does not complain. It has featured events on a small scale, almost without stop, since the beginning of the pandemic, compared to other organizations. We would like to know, however, what is considered a festival and what is not. It is blur and I am certain that other organizations want to know what is possible or not to do,” he mentioned.

10 days of what was to be the first day of The Small case, Clement Turgeon admits that it is too late to change the formula. The operation had also a few goals to reach in order not to be in deficit. The margin was thin.

The Festive!, since the beginning of the pandemic, has experienced two cancellations, presented 65 mini-concerts in front of the doors of the residents of Baie-St-Paul, a tour of various NURSING homes in Charlevoix, 12 listening experiences and created a podcast to listen to.

We found this message on his page Facebook to, following the cancellation of The Small case.

“We announce to you officially that the team’s Festive! is burned tight and deserves to eat ice cream with your feet in the water for some time.”

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