The fever rises in the country of the Joker

La fièvre monte au pays du Joker

This is not the coronavirus and the 100 000 Americans died of the COVID-19, which are pushing up the thermometer, but rather the assassination live in Minneapolis with an African-American, apprehended and tackled to the ground by a white policeman in the troubled past and violent.

While the police officer Derek Chauvin to gaze impassively stared at the camera, now the pressure of his knee on the neck of Floyd, the curious stunned still had the presence of mind to film this scene unbearable. The poor man suffocated, lying on the asphalt, barely managing to articulate: “I can’t breathe” (I can’t breathe). The cop crooked remained deaf to her entreaties. The man lost consciousness and died a few minutes later.

The implementation of the online short video showing the progress of this atrocity erupted across the country.

Racial profiling as a rule, the crime is the most egregious case of George Floyd, it was his skin color. The Americans, hispanic, asian, and native american did not escape them either to police interventions muscled.

The reign of Obama will not be enough to stop the systemic racism that gangrene this country. Alas, in the land of uncle Sam, the first reflex of the police forces is to consider an African American as a suspect. And you don’t practice shooting of summation, we shoot on sight.

It took close to four days prior to the arrest and indictment of Chauvin. As for the three other police officers present at the scene, they not only did not intervene to rescue Floyd, but they are still free.

How surprising then that the situation became explosive in most major cities in the us and elsewhere in the world? This Sunday in Montreal, protesters also took to the streets of the city centre.

However, these events that start on a pacifist degenerate often because they are noyautées by small groups who, without regard to the cause, take the opportunity to engage in looting and vandalizing.

Here, as elsewhere, these confrontations are able to increase the repression.

Not to mention that they give rise to chirps’s incendiary Joker bleaché, that tweets by listening to Fox News, the sound in the carpet. Unless Fox News is still in penance…

Black lives matter

No human being on earth should have to live in fear of being killed because of the color of his skin.

In the United States, the leaders of the afro-americans must now convince their brethren of the importance of “Black votes matter“, because it is also in the office to vote that change takes shape. For Derek Chauvin of this world could not find a job in the police.

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