The FIA changed the regulations of qualification of Formula 1 to improve the entertainment

FIA змінила регламент кваліфікації Формули-1 задля поліпшення видовищності

Also were made some changes

The FIA changed the method of application of penalties on the starting grid in Formula 1, starting in 2019. This should force the drivers with fines to struggle in qualifying.

This year in Formula 1 there was a rule that the racer that the penalty for replacement of elements of the power plant in more than 15 positions to start from last place.

In the case where these riders were few, the final order on the starting grid was determined by the time when the infringement is committed of the rules – that is, when new elements of the engine first appeared on the track.

This led to the fact that drivers often left their boxes well before the start of free practice and was on the exit of the pit lane off the motor to the grid to be higher than losers with the same penalties that left later.

To continue this did not happen in 2019 racers with punishment, will be located at the end of the starting grid according to their qualifying results, which should encourage them to establish the competitive performance in all three segments, instead of having to pass a symbolic circle in Q1.

Also, the FIA decided that the driver, a qualification which did not get within 107% of the pole position, will start the last – even behind the pilots, with fines for the replacement of components of the power unit.

Among other changes in the sports regulations, which were approved by the world Council of cars and Motorsport – strengthening the security of fuel.

Also now the rules clearly state that the cars on the track will be under the terms and conditions of the yellow flags until they cross the control strip after the safety car returns to the pit lane.

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