The fight against cancer and the government

Combattre le cancer et le gouvernement

In addition to having to fight against a cancer, a woman from Quebec, you must also fight against the government.

She is still unable to receive employment insurance, even if it must undergo chemotherapy treatments and that she is unable to work.

Angeline Renaud-TĂ©treault fighting breast cancer since may of 2019. This spring, the young 30-year old woman received the bad news.

“In the month of march, I have fallen in palliative care. They discovered that I had a tumor on one of my ovaries, which is grouped with my bladder and to my small intestine,” says the woman.

Angeline is in her 38th chemotherapy treatment. For a year, she asks the help of the government. It does not have the right to social assistance, nor even to the employment insurance.

“I was recalled to the unemployment disease, and then they told me to go to work 600 hours. But with my cancer, I can’t go to work”, she adds.

The situation Angeline was already difficult and the pandemic is coming to add to all this. Her husband, Daniel, has lost many hours to its work.

“I have to go scrambling to find solutions to try to make a living for my family, putting bread on the table, pay all accounts, to make sure she has enough money for her medications, that she is able to pay the parking at the hospital,” says Daniel DeschĂȘnes.

The Trudeau government has promised to improve the employment insurance system from 15 to 26 weeks, but nothing has been done.

“Me, I can’t heal in 15 weeks of a metastatic cancer that will never heal, in fact. The 52 weeks of unemployment that you, regular, but it is necessary that you remettes in 15 weeks of a disease,” she concludes.

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