The fight of a lioness and an elephant for the survival of randomly videotaped

The author of the post noted that this is an extremely rare fight

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Борьбу львицы и слона за выживание случайно сняли на видео

Fight of the elephant and lioness caught on video in Zimbabwe

An exciting battle of the elephant with a hungry lioness videotaped visitors Huang national Park in Zimbabwe. According to the author of the video Samuel Chevalier, this is an extremely rare case of a struggle between two animals for survival. In his opinion, the cubs of the lioness waited for food and watched the battle that ended not in favor of their mother.

Published in the online footage you can see how the lion attacks the elephant and several times scratch it. The victim utters a plangent cry and trying to shake off the predator, who repeatedly bites him. After a while the elephant is still able to reset the lioness, after which she retires into the Bush for their young.

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We will remind, in a network there was video of the epic fight of a lioness with Buffalo. In addition, the “Today” wrote that in France, a lion attacked the trainer: the man was in surgery for five hours. After the attack, the lion decided in the circus no longer hold — the animal was transferred to the zoo.

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