The filming will resume on June 8

The filming of series and films from quebec will be back in a week, but without the love scenes or fight since players will have to keep 2 meters distance.

“We’re going to have to rewrite [scenarios], to think otherwise,” responded Sophie Prégent, president of the Union des artistes (UDA).

All of the production of films and programs will start as early as 8 June, announced the minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy yesterday.

She made the announcement during the press briefing of the day the government Legault, who has unveiled a recovery plan for the whole of the middle of the culture. On the$ 400 Million invested, a share of $ 250 million is comprised of new money that was not part of the budget prépandémie, said the prime minister.

Theatre, music, visual artists. The goal is to ensure that the artists of the “all disciplines” the opportunity to return to work “now”, summarized the minister Roy.

“It is a pressure that is removed on the middle of the culture,” responded Ms. Prégent, relieved.

The virus on the screen

They will, however, do so in accordance with the rules of social distancing.

“We need to do things differently. But if there are people that have all the necessary creativity […], these are the artists”, launched Ms. Roy.

“There are scenes of battle that we will not see”, for its part, has shown Sophie Prégent.

It could also be that the one way to screen people with the cover face, as directors and screenwriters decide to include the reality that we live in this time in their works of fiction.

Because in all cases, there will be no exceptions, ” added Ms. Prégent. Even if a team were locked in a pension for two months before shooting, he would still abide by the rule of 2 metres.

Less productions?

“It may be that there are producers who say: “Me, I’m not ready to turn fictions […], it appears to me to be dangerous, I’ll wait”.”

Besides, no insurance company currently covers the risk of COVID-19 for the trays that would be closed in the event of contamination, ” said Ms. Prégent.

We can therefore expect that there is less of a miniseries produced this summer compared to normal, despite the money injected by Quebec.

“Probably that the fictions which turn little or less will be offset by all the varieties, they, redoubling their originality”, assumes Ms. Prégent.

Very good news

Still, the government’s announcement is “reassuring” to the president of the UDA, who began to hear the producers say: “We will not return before a year.”

Producers like Fabienne Larouche (District 31) and Guillaume Lespérance (Discussions with my parents) have already called the announcement “very good news”.

“It does not meet all the costs caused by the COVID-19, but it gives them a lot of help,” says Hélène Messier, president and ceo of the quebec Association for media productions.

-With Marc-André Lemieux


  • Tv Production and cinema: 91,5 M$
  • Cultural organizations: 71.9 Million$
  • Performing Arts (music, theatre, dance, circus): 50,9 M$
  • Innovative projects in music: the 33.5 MS
  • Digital projects:$ 14 Million
  • Promotion of artists from quebec:$ 13 Million
  • Writers and artists:$ 6.5 Million
  • Festivals and events:$ 5.9 Million
  • Documentation of the effects of the pandemic:$ 2.2 M


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