The final issue of “Battle of psychics” who will win in the mystical project of Ukraine

Финальный выпуск "Битвы экстрасенсов": кто победит в самом мистическом проекте Украины

today, 18:59

Wednesday, December 25, the STB will show the final mystical project “fight of psychics” with Pavel Kostitsyn. The four finalists: the arch-witch from Israel Solomon, an Armenian psychic, a witch and a fortune teller Liana Movsesyan, the wife-the psychics, the black witch and the white mage from Dmitry, Bella, and Gypsy clairvoyant Arman Cybulski.

However, participants expect a surprise, because before we announce the results of the audience voting and the name of the winner, they will receive an email from molfarka Magdalene Machowski. Magda was sure that the story from this letter will help the finalists to sort out their personal problems.

Финальный выпуск "Битвы экстрасенсов": кто победит в самом мистическом проекте Украины

Will be known the secrets of the main contenders for victory in the reality. It turns out that Armand is the first-born, whose fate the father was unknown. The Vines lost brother, and she can’t find it. Dima Bella repeat the story of Romeo and Juliet their families are feuding with each other because of their marriage. And Solomon was talking with his daughter…

Recall the “Battle of psychics” clairvoyants declassify incredible.

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As reported Know. ua participants of “Battle of psychics” will tell about the violence.

Also Know As. ua wrote that daunting trials tested participants ‘ strength.

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