The final national selection for Eurovision 2020, all video participants

Финал Нацотбора на Евровидение-2020, все видео участников

today, 14:44

The information appeared that Ukraine’s national selection for Eurovision 2020 to be completed the final performance of six participants on Saturday, February 22. So, for the right to represent Ukraine in the Netherlands will fight KRUTЬ, Jerry Heil, Go-A, David Axelrod, KHAYAT and TVORCHI. And only one party will go to Rotterdam.

We offer our readers to remember what songs each of the performers can go to the Netherlands. This became known through the story of one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

Banderishka KRUTЬ, author and performer of his own songs from Khmelnytsky, is the world’s only salamandridae. The song “99”.

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Jerry Heil, who broke last year, all the charts its “Security, cancel”. Song: VEGAN.

Group Go-A combining in his work the Ukrainian authentic vocals, dance beats, African drums and guitar drive. Song: “The Nightingale”.

David Axelrod with a lyrical song “Horizon”.

Andrew Khayat, a semifinalist of last year’s controversial national selection for the Eurovision song contest, decided to try their hand. With a powerful hit “Call For Love”.

Ukrainian electronic band from Ternopil TVORCHI with the song “Bonfire”.

We remind our readers that to view the final national selection for Eurovision 2020 will be live on the TV channels STB and NTU, as well as on YouTube. Stream will begin on Saturday, February 22 at 19:00.

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Recall that Jerry Heil said, what “morsels” on the stage of national selection on Eurovision 2020.

As reported Znayu, Jerry Heil noticed in the dress with the ostrich feathers.

Znayu wrote, Danilko ass handed Carol in the middle of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest.

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