The final “Tanzu s with a stars”: Rizatdinova not hold back tears and remembered the painful truth about the relationship with Onishchenko

Финал "Танців з зірками": Ризатдинова не сдержала слез и вспомнила болезненную правду об отношениях с Онищенко

yesterday, 16:11

Finalist “Dances with stars z 2019” Anna Rizatdinova paired with Alexander Prokhorov managed to take second place in the show. She was very emotional during the broadcast, as well as confessed about his separation from the people’s Deputy Alexander Onishchenko.

She spoke about it in an interview with Masha Efrosinina.

“He wore me on his hands and he kept making compliments. It was a awesome time,” said Anna.

The athlete admitted that he regrets that the relationship ended.

“I knew that after the sports career his some interest in me lost. But I was trying to show that I’m still at the hearing, I came to Ukraine and gave an interview, went to screenings and events,” said Anna in conversation with Masha Efrosinina.

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Финал "Танців з зірками": Ризатдинова не сдержала слез и вспомнила болезненную правду об отношениях с Онищенко

Anna Rizatdinova, photo: 1+1

She said that at some point I realized that was not a famous athlete, but simply the wife of an oligarch.

“At one point he realized what bothers me, what problems I have. At some point, I began to see not as a world champion and as the wife of oligarch”, – says Anna.

Olympic champion sobbing during the finale show when it was already known that they took second place. She thanked everyone for the chance and admitted that project for her – it’s her life.

Recall, Mishina prepared hot kiss and Rizatdinova “light” flooring.

As reported Know. ua, an unexpected choice favorite pair of Ukrainians and details of the final show.

Also Know As. ua wrote that “1+1” interrupted the speech of one of the pairs, this was not in one season.

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