The finalist of “Dancing with the stars” surprised figure in a revealing swimsuit

Финалистка "Танцев со звездами" удивила фигурой в откровенном купальнике

Nikitiuk in a bikini congratulated the fans with the holidays.Popular TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk, who previously announced the launch of their own show, decided to congratulate members with the winter holidays.

In Instagram she posted a new photo and tell how they spend Christmas, reports the with reference to the Politek.

It Lesya Nikityuk appeared in a dark swimsuit, which perfectly highlighted her slim figure. Before the presenter has already posed for a photo in this outfit.

It turned out that leading the entire day was dedicated to housework and allowed herself to relax – not to put on makeup and do hair.

“Get along home without make-up and hair styling. Engaged in cleaning, washing. I’m the hostess. Gather my thoughts, write you new year’s greetings! Until this came up: girls, Yes, so you lose weight, and chest – no,” – confessed celebrity.

Most subscribers, sowomen had greetings like, they appreciated humor Lesya Nikityuk, as well as her slender figure in a swimsuit:

“Best wishes!!! Let the chest is not below a centimeter, Feet like Polyakova”, “Oooo ….Yes, this is the best wish!!!!!”, “if your wish comes true I’ll be on all fours walk” “Your words to God’s ears, Les”, “Great wish!”, “Yes, You’re sexy, Lesya, not in my rules to give women compliments, but You are beautiful”.

There were those who noticed some flaws in the figure of Lesya Nikityuk, and noticed that the very much conceited:

“In my opinion Lesi from the crown a little ate to the roof”, “Punt in rubber pants…laughing out loud…”, “the Unprecedented case: pigeon-toed and bow-legged”.

Финалистка "Танцев со звездами" удивила фигурой в откровенном купальнике

Финалистка "Танцев со звездами" удивила фигурой в откровенном купальнике

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