The finalist of “factory of stars” gathered on the show “the Bachelor”: the grandmother’s lined up

Финалист "Фабрики звезд" собрался на шоу "Холостяк": бабушки выстроились в очередь

35-year-old artist Prokhor Chaliapin expressed a desire to participate in the show “the Bachelor.”

The celebrity shared on their social networks, introducing a new splash screen for the project.

Финалист "Фабрики звезд" собрался на шоу "Холостяк": бабушки выстроились в очередь

Prokhor Chaliapin

On the Intro he is surrounded by women of retirement age.

“The winner of the project awaits a certificate for free accommodation in the Nursing Home “Gray-haired lovers” — says the artist.

It is worth Recalling that Romantic reality “the Bachelor,” which is an adaptation of the popular American project “The Bachelor”, now in its ninth year, airs on TV channel STB.

This year, the place of the Bachelor took the presenter Nikita Dobrynin.

What is the main difference between the current Bachelor of heroes of the past, what girl is able to conquer his heart and why couples break up after the end of the project to all these questions is “Know.ia” said the permanent host of the reality Grigoriy Reshetnik.

Финалист "Фабрики звезд" собрался на шоу "Холостяк": бабушки выстроились в очередь

the star of the reality show “the Bachelor” Nikita Dobrynin

We wrote about the fact that Thomas Neuwirth, better known as female alter-ego Conchita Wurst – Austrian singer and drag Queen. The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2014 in Copenhagen. The image of “woman with a beard” was created by Neuwirth in 2011. With it, the singer strives to give people a reason to reflect on the nature of otherness, xenophobia and tolerance. The artist is an active user of Instagram and often pleases fans with news of his life.

This time Thomas Neuwirth has published a new photo that showed the fans that they temporarily returned to the image of the man. But apparently fans were not ready to see such a man. In the picture, which appeared in the account of Thomas, he appeared on the overview of the audience in the flamboyant manner in a translucent outfit.

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