The Finance minister is also a friend of WE Charity

Le ministre des Finances est aussi un ami de WE Charity

OTTAWA | The federal minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, also family links with WE Charity. Two of her daughters work for the organization and he is a personal friend of founders Craig and Marc Kielburger.

“I’m disappointed to be on the scene and not being able to do a high five to Craig “, launched by the minister in November 2017 as an introduction to a session of pre-budget consultation with young people in the WE Learning Centre in Toronto.

The two men know each other well, to the point of attend the same family events, learned The Newspaper.

In march 2019, the minister has attended a private reception hosted by the Kielburger in the Distillery district in Toronto.

“Bill Morneau spent the evening there. He was present as a friend of the family “, entrusted the Journal under the guise of anonymity a participant in this festival.

Shortly after, Grace Achan, adoptive daughter of the family, Morneau, has landed a paid job in the department of travel of WE Charity.

In the same vein, the government has allocated $ 3 million to WE Charity ” to assist young entrepreneurs “. It is the minister Morneau, who himself had made the announcement, on 21 August 2019.

Another daughter of the minister, Clare Morneau, has received the support of Marc Kielburger for the release of his book on refugee girls in Kenya, in 2016. She has also delivered keynote speeches at events organized by WE Charity.

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Clare Morneau has “never been paid” for his activities with ” WE, said the press attaché to the minister Morneau, Maéva Proteau.

About Grace Achan, “there is absolutely no link between his employment and any work between STATES and the government of Canada,” she said.

Despite its links with WE Charity (STATES), to the example of Justin Trudeau, “Mr. Morneau has not recused from” discussions leading to the award of a contract to this organization, ” said Ms. Proteau.

The conservative Party called Friday for a criminal investigation against the prime minister. The Bloc québécois is asking that Mr. Trudeau pulls out and yields his place to his vice-first minister, asked by chrystia Freeland, the time that the ethics commissioner conduct an investigation.

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