The fire “dormant” in the Lac-Saint-Jean

L'incendie «en dormance» au Lac-Saint-Jean

The fire that burns for a week north of lake Saint-Jean is now content, but a new heat wave expected next week fears of a resurgence.

“On the fire north of lac Saint-Jean it is dropped enough rain, which helped us, and we announce more rain for today, so it helps us to contain the fire,” says Stéphane Caron, coordinator for prevention and communications to the SOPFEU.

The cottagers have started, yesterday, to see the damage in their area. Some have had access to photos that show that they have unfortunately lost everything.

“The fire is not growing, one can even say that it is dormant at the moment, it could become a fire a little more active if conditions change, but for now it allows the firefighter to step in and do the work necessary to surround the perimeter of the fire to get a master’s degree”, adds Mr. Caron

End of the ban

After having been banned for 10 days, open fires are permitted today on nearly the whole of the province.

Campfires remain prohibited near the area of the Chute-des-Passes, in the north of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Côte-Nord.

On Friday morning, there are 14 traffic lights still in operation in Quebec, all contained or controlled. Since the beginning of the season, 505, fires broke out while the average is 241.

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