The fire in Notre Dame: Maxim Galkin criticized the post Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak said the cause of the fire, the instability in the country

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Пожар в Нотр-Даме: Максим Галкин раскритиковал пост Ксении Собчак

Maxim Galkin, Ksenia Sobchak

15 APR happened cultural tragedy – famous Notre Dame in Paris caught fire. The fire managed to be liquidated only in the morning, but the reconstruction will need a lot of time. In the fire collapsed the spire and the roof was destroyed Cathedral. In addition, damaged walls and load bearing structures.

Many celebrities commented on the incident, including the Russian TV presenter and a politician Ksenia Sobchak. Showwomen, believes that the cause of fire – social situation in France.

“Today, Notre Dame did not. And, of course, then you find the real cause of “fire”, but I have this reason in fact long known. She’s more global than that who threw the match. My beloved France has become a country where beat Windows of expensive boutiques simply because they are expensive, every week on strike patronizing self-importance of the trade unions, the taxes are such that successful people just move, but to fire a man has become almost impossible. And I am absolutely convinced that it is somehow karmically related to the fact that burned the masterpiece that his whole appearance presented a blatant luxury, huge attached work (obviously not 36 hours a week), and the victory of Human Will over the world. I don’t know what will be built on this site in a country where now, according to statistics every 5th bears the name Mohammed, but I do know that masterpieces do not serve the mind that is unworthy of them,” wrote Sobchak.

Пожар в Нотр-Даме: Максим Галкин раскритиковал пост Ксении Собчак

Ksenia Sobchak wrote a post about the fire in Notre Dame

The publication commented on the presenter Maxim Galkin, which disagreed with the words of Ksenia Sobchak.

“I’m sorry, I can not resist not to throw in my two cents. People take to the streets to protest when they see that their power is not respected, and boutiques smash always when a lot of people go uncontrolled. But most do not go to smash. And again, criminal negligence where there are fires, has neither nationality nor religion,” – said Galkin.

Recall that there were photos survived the fire relics of Notre Dame.

Today.Lifestyle also shared 10 interesting facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral – one of the main attractions of the French capital. Notre Dame depere located on the Ile de La Cité in the middle of the Seine in Paris and has existed for 856 years. The Cathedral was built over two centuries, and the idea was that the building could accommodate all the inhabitants of Paris.

In the Cathedral of Notre Dame houses one of the greatest relics of Christendom — the crown of thorns of Christ. It is known that the fire didn’t touch the relics of Notre-Dame Cathedral – all the sacred items are kept in the sacristy, they are in no danger.

Notre Dame de Paris has survived several wars, a couple of dozen rulers and the Revolution, however, almost completely destroyed by fire. The official cause is not yet known.

Like burning Notre Dame – watch the video:

Lit Notre Dame Cathedral. The fall of the spire

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