The fireside, the United States found part of “Yanukovych’s money”

Финразведка США нашла часть "денег Януковича"

Financial intelligence the US has discovered $ 700 million that “family Yanukovych” withdrew abroad between 2008 and 2014. This is stated in article publication BuzzFeed, published on 12 July, writes up.

Soon after the revolution of 2014, the US government and the UK publicly announced assistance to Ukraine in the return of assets of Yanukovych. Agents sent requests to U.S. banks to get more information on suspicious transactions of companies affiliated with the entourage of Yanukovych and his government.

The Treasury Department of the United States began to collect these records in 2014. These transactions in 2017 was passed to the command of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller became the reason for more than two dozen accusations against Paul Manafort, the former head of election campaign of Donald trump.

In 2014, the law enforcement officers of the United States shared with Ukraine the information on accounts abroad, belonged to the entourage of Yanukovych and his former officials. Among the transactions that failed to BuzzFeed News has revealed the following facts.

In the last six months Yanukovich company MAKO, controlled by Alexander Yanukovych, had questionable transactions at $ 74 million United States through subsidiaries located in Ukraine, Netherlands and Switzerland. At least 50 of the banking transactions conducted every three days from the appointment of the “pre-payment for coal.” American officials said that the transactions are suspicious because they were held through the offshore country.

The US Treasury Department identified the least two dozen officials of Yanukovych, which were sent or received suspicious transfers. Among them Ukrainian lawmaker Yuriy Boiko, former Minister of fuel and energy, the signer of the budget, “towers Boyko”. Although the U.S. government has called it an “investigation of public corruption,” Boyko has never been convicted in Ukraine.

Law enforcement reported suspicious activity Prosperity Developments, controlled by a 32-year-old oligarch Sergei Kurchenko, who is a close friend of Alexander Yanukovych. Registered in Panama, Prosperity Developments SA sent or received 550 million dollars of suspicious Bank transfers in the course of one year.

Even after Yanukovych fled in February 2014, the Family retained control of the assets in Ukraine. The company Activ Solar, which is controlled by the son-in-law of Sergiy Klyuev spent 71 suspicious transaction in one month totaling $ 11 million. The company has strong ties with Yanukovych through the current Deputy of the Parliament Sergei Klyuyev.

Another member of the “Family”, the former Minister of ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky, became involved in the investigation of $ 24 million from accounts in Cyprus PrivatBank in Latvia. In emails obtained by BuzzFeed News, law enforcement officials, States reported the State service of financial monitoring of suspicious transaction in early November 2014.

Two years later, the Latvian media reported that Ukraine has not helped in the investigation of money laundering, so frozen 50 million euros that once belonged to the Ukrainian taxpayers, remained in the state Treasury of Latvia.

The authors indicate that none of the Yanukovych regime in Ukraine was never convicted.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the EU amounts are known that the environment of Yanukovych paid politicians for lobbying of their interests.

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