The first call to 2019: script 1 Sep

This is the original texts and the Pacific on September 1

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Первый звонок 2019: креативный сценарий 1 сентября

Scenario on 1 September

September 1, traditionally the Day of knowledge. All pupils go to school to begin the new school year and first graders for the first time to sit behind desks. “Today” has collected the most original and short poems for first graders.

Watch the video that in Ternopil students from September 1, will travel for free in trams and trolleybuses:

These texts are suitable for school holiday lineup on September 1, and to address the teacher in homeroom. Now we offer you the original script of 1 September in the school on the line.

The script for first graders 1 September

In knowledge day the first-graders first become acquainted with the school, classmates and first teacher. According to the scenario, September 1 for first-graders starts with the line. After the official part of congratulations and wishes from teachers, parents and guest teachers breed students in classrooms.

Первый звонок 2019: креативный сценарий 1 сентября

Scenario on 1 September

Begin the first lesson. Of course, for forty-five minutes it is difficult to children to explain the rules of conduct at school, to introduce them to schedule a training plan. But the script of the lesson on 1 September will allow the teacher and parents not to forget anything and correct accents.

Children aged 6 – 7 years better perceive the information seen in the pictures, the photos. That is why the first school you could start the session with a presentation has a video and photo story of the world, Ukraine, the importance of acquiring knowledge.

Scenario on 1 September of the line in school or College

The song school subjects. On the doors of the school a poster of the call. Moderator: Hello, favorite teacher!

Moderator: Hello, dear parents, dear guests!

Presenter: September has come, over the summer Came the feast of knowledge, study, marks!

Moderator: Children, parents, teachers, congratulations to you congratulations, friends!

Moderator: the Word for the opening celebration of the knowledge Day and congratulations are provided to the school Director.

Moderator: congratulations For the floor is given to the class teacher of grade 11.

Host: the School doors will re-open Tomorrow weekday training will begin. Well, today – holiday hours!

Presenter: With the holiday we congratulate all of you!

Moderator: Dear first graders! The first time you came to school, First time in first class for you today is new, All you care about now! Dear kids, we Know you were prepared! Tell your poems, You are already tuned!

The music come first-graders.

1st: We are now very large,

In the school we came from. And

now no one can say

What we kids.

2nd: Stay, dolls, houses,

I’m going to study in school

Once now to play

Books I will read!

3rd: In the mirror I

Seen yourself,

I wondered all: when

Grow have time!

Yesterday was baby bandit,

And now I’m an adult student!

4th: for some reason, mom and dad

So excited

Like instead of me in school

The first time going!

Moderator: And for 11th graders this is the last September in the home school.

Host: Today is not just the Day of knowledge, today is the birthday of the new school year.

Presenter: And what’s a birthday without guests, without gifts?

Melody, are fantastic heroes. (Piglet dramedy patch or medal 11th grade pupils, Malvina – up service)

Scenario on 1 September for 11th graders

The entrance of the school decorated in the shape of a boat. On a symbolic sail label: “goodbye, summer!” “Good-bye, vacation!”, “Hello, school!”, “Seven feet under the keel!”, “Happy sailing!”. Microphones installed near the steering wheel. Decorate the entrance to the school colored balloons. Songs about school. Hear the fanfare or the signal “Listen up!”. Go to the microphone leading the girl and the guy.

See also:

Back to school! Beautiful songs of September 1,

Girl. Today our school ship embarks on a long voyage, for nine months.

Guy. Today on our school ship, came a new team — first-graders. Let applause welcome them.

Girl. And I want immediately to make a small gift for first graders to have them all year round was the perfect mood

Performed dance.

Guy. We welcome today, and those last a year to sail through the waves of school knowledge — our graduates

Girl. Holiday watch on the ship bear.

The leading idea of each other.

Guy. On our school ship a large team of students, teachers, cooks.

Girl. And the most important on our ship — the permanent captain. Give him the floor.

Speech of the Director of the school.

Guy. The captain has a lot of aides to teachers and children. Over time, our dear first graders all learn and you’ll meet everyone.

Girl. And now give the word to the old “sea wolves” — 11-m classes.

To the microphone coming out from the exhaust of the 11th grade.

Then the floor is given to parents of 11-graders. The scenario of the knowledge day, September 1 – high school students give gifts to the kids and say farewell. After music pause we all go to class.

We will remind, earlier “Today” I wrote about the history and traditions of the 1st of September.

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Первый звонок 2019: креативный сценарий 1 сентября

Первый звонок 2019: креативный сценарий 1 сентября

Первый звонок 2019: креативный сценарий 1 сентября


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