“The first case in the world”: hunting sharks on man accidentally caught on video

The Australian suggests that the video shows escosura or great white shark

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"Первый случай в мире": охота акулы на мужчину случайно попала на видео

The man saw from the height of the shark and saved the life of surfer

Christopher joye from the Australian state of New South Wales piloted a drone on one of the beaches and spotted the surfer near a shark with a length of approximately 3.5 meters. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 15.

According to the tabloid The Mirror, joy immediately activated the speaker on the device and warned about the proximity of predatory fish. The surfer heard the warning, turned the Board and hurried to the shore, and the shark swam away.

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“This is probably the first case worldwide where a pilot prevented a shark attack, warning of a swimmer or surfer through the speaker,” said joy. He noted that in his spare time, as a rule, launches a drone with the beaches and looking for sharks. He specifically bought the device with a speaker to warn surfers and swimmers about possible dangers.

The Australian suggests that the roller escosura or great white shark. Both of these species are dangerous to humans.

Previously published video, which shows the meeting of the diver with a great white shark. Also, “Today” show video in which a humpback whale rescues a woman-researcher from the shark.

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