The first children adopted from the pandemic

Les premiers enfants adoptés de la pandémie

Three mothers in quebec have succeeded “by a miracle” to repatriate their children from Burundi, while all of the international adoption process are suspended due to the pandemic.

“For us, it’s like a miracle “, let it go Rachel Couillard.

The mother in the home of 34-year-old has welcomed his fifth child to the Jean-Lesage airport of Quebec city, last Sunday.

His little Jimmy, aged 3, was expected from January 2018, at which time the record of the family of Terrebonne, in Lanaudière, has been filed with the adoption agency.

All on the same flight, three toddlers, Jimmy, Iriho, 2 years old, and Jackson, 4 years, are the first children born abroad to arrive in the country since mid-march, confirms the director-general of the Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale (SAI), Josée-Anne Goupil.

Julie Simard and her husband all smiles with their 2 year old son, Iriho. COURTESY

“A real fight “

Rachel Couillard, Julie Simard and Isabelle Pelletier were all from the Burundi – a country in Africa Is among the poorest on the planet – at the beginning of the month of April.

When Quebec declared a state of emergency, in mid-march, the SAI has informed the three moms that they should wait until the end of the pandemic in order to meet their adoptive son.

“We never met with this response,” says Julie Simard, a military 43-year-old new mom of the little Iriho, 2 years. It has been a real struggle. “

Through the Federation of the adoptive parents of Québec, the lady of the Lake,-Oath, to the north-west of Quebec city, came into contact with the other two mothers.

Children of Isabelle Pelletier. In the rear, Charlie (16 years old) and Abigaëlle (13 years), and in front, Alec (age 14), Eugenie (age 11) and Clement (5 years), were happy to meet their new little brother, Jackson (4 years).

“It has been three months of tireless work. Letters, calls and follow-up at SAI, our members, to world Affairs of Canada, to all the ministers who exist, ” says, meanwhile, Isabelle Pelletier, a pharmacist in Waterloo, Montérégie.

The 41 years old woman is now the mother of six children. Jackson, 4 years old, is her third son to be adopted at the international level.

As the three women could not go to Burundi, they have focused on the repatriation.

Escorted by a couple

The department of international Relations has focused for them a couple of confidence ready to escort the children to Canada.

“We did understand [the authorities] that the COVID-19 and the unstable political situation in Burundi put the lives of three young Canadians at risk, says Ms. Pelletier. And they were afraid that the civil war broke out. “

The three mothers are now “greatly relieved and filled” to finally be able to take their child in their arms.

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