The first demo recording by David Bowie was found in a bread basket

Первую демозапись Дэвида Боуи нашли в корзине для хлеба

Found song called I Never Dreamed

The first record of the musician David Bowie, which has long been considered lost, found in the old bread basket. A demo of a song I Never Dreamed that Bowie sings with his first band The Konrads, found David Hadfield, a former member of the group. A track recorded in 1963 for a record company Decca.

“We decided that we will do several musical instruments and write a song, says Hadfield. — I chose I Never Dreamed, because she was stronger than the others. It seemed to me that nobody will sing better than Bowie.”

Found demo is the first recording David made 55 years ago. This is the only demo The Konrads, where the main vocal part performs Bowie.

Old bread, where I found a demo, was kept in the attic in the house of father Hadfield. Discovery put up for auction in September. It is expected that the entry will reach $ 13 thousand.

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