The first ever spacewalk only women will not take place

Первый в истории выход в космос только женщин не состоится

One of the NASA astronauts did not fit the suit.

NASA has canceled the first ever spacewalk of women, which was to participate astronaut Anne McClain and Christine Koch, for lack of a suit the right size, according to the website of the Agency, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Koch and McClane had to make a “space walk” on March 29. However, during a spacewalk on March 22, McClain realized that she better suit a medium size. By 29 March it is possible to prepare only one suit of a size that will wear Koch.

As a result of planned space walk will still take place, but space will Koch and Nick Haig. McClain will make his next release on April 8.

It was expected that the spacewalk on March 29 will be purely feminine: space walk will do two female astronaut, to lead the flight from the Land will be Mary Lawrence, and the control panel stand Jackie Cage.


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