The first increase in the number of patients in the icu since the beginning of April in France

Première hausse du nombre de malades en réanimation depuis début avril en France

Paris | The number of patients hospitalized in the icu because of the COVID-19 has increased slightly for the first time since the beginning of April in France, where the new cases daily exceed the thousand, announced Thursday the health authorities.

In total, 5375 people are hospitalized for an infection with the coronavirus, including 381 cases of severe icu, one more than the day before, indicates the general Direction of health (DGS) in a press release, without any other precision.

This is the first time since April 9, that this indicator, very guarded, is no longer in decline.

The outbreak has caused 16 deaths in the hospital in 24 hours. At least 30 of 254 people have died since the beginning of the epidemic, including 19 739 in hospitals and 10 of 515 in the institutions of social and medical-social (nursing home). The balance sheet of the deaths in these institutions will be updated on Tuesday 4 August.

The circulation of the virus is still “supported with a number of cases daily increased, and higher to 1000,” insists the DGS.

In his point épidémiologique hebdomadaire, the health care agency public Health of France (SpF) also notes a “marked increase in the incidence of the disease (that is to say, the number of new cases) of 54% compared to the previous week,” especially among the 20-30 years.”

This increase, ” in particular, the symptomatic cases “, “cannot be explained only by the increase of the shares of screening,” said health care agency.

“Efforts to large and rapid are necessary. Individually and collectively, we must act now to curb this spreading viral active “, alert the service of the ministry of Health.

Are necessary “to the application, at all times and everywhere, measures barrier, the compliance of the distancing physical, a test quickly at the slightest doubt, the use of StopCovid, the compliance with the measures of quatorzaine and isolation” reminds us of the DGS.

Public health France observes a decrease in the adoption of systematic measures of prevention (keep a distance of at least 1 meter, greet them without shaking hands, stop the hugs), “even if the” mask-wearing in public is more systematic “.

“In this summer period, events, family and friends, large gatherings of worship and celebration are at particular risk of viral transmission and should lead to a particular commitment of all the participants,” according to the DGS.

With the heat wave that affects the 13 French overseas departments, the DGS is called in addition to “special attention” to the elderly, but now the gestures of the barrier.

“You should never moisten the mask, even if this can provide a feeling of refreshment. If the mask is wet (sweating, …) it should be changed because its effectiveness is not ensured any more, ” insists the DGS.

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