The first round of the Hurricanes

Cantonniers de Magog collapsed in the third period and was defeated 5 to 3 on Friday afternoon against the Hurricanes of Lethbridge. The Magogois face these same Hurricanes Saturday, during their semi-final match.

“It’s not easy,” said captain Jérémy Rainville, in the minutes following the loss. It’s three games in a row that we do not win. The good news is that tomorrow we are still playing against them and we have the opportunity to take revenge. “

For his part, coach Felix Potvin focused on the positive aspects of the game. “We dominated for two periods,” said the Magogois rider. We are the ones who fought. We made mental mistakes at the beginning of the third period. We wanted to compete with them and see what they looked like. There is a negative, but there is also a lot of positive. ”

The Cantonniers wanted to start the game in force, and they were relatively successful in their mission, making 13 shots on goal. An early match penalty awarded to Émile Provencher hurt the Cantos, who allowed the first goal of the game after only four minutes of play.

Charles Beaudoin managed to beat Joël Rainville at the end of the first half. The number 21 recovered a bad return left directly in the enclave, thus leveling the score.

Karl Vaillancourt gave Quebec’s lead early in the second period. Accepting a pass from Emile Provencher, the young striker shot a wrist throw worthy of the professionals, in the skylight, to make 2 to 1.

Lethbridge had a thrilling third-period start, scoring three unanswered goals in five minutes, taking the lead 4-2.

Hope returned to the bench of the Cantonnieres when Marshall Lessard, well positioned in front of the net, deflected a shot of Loïc Bergeron between the goalkeeper Rainville’s leggings.

Unfortunately for the Magogois, the Hurricanes scored the goal dropping nine seconds later, after Michael Horon had recovered a return throw directly into the slot to beat Olivier Adam.

The third period was extremely difficult for Félix Potvin’s troop, according to captain Jérémy Rainville. “We were not there mentally,” he said. We made some mistakes that cost us the part. I think we dominated for a good part of the game, but they took advantage of the mistakes we made. ”

For its part, the number one goalkeeper, Remi Poirier, is still an uncertain case for Saturday’s game. His coach, Felix Potvin, does not want to take any chances. “We do not know if he can be here tomorrow, We tried Thursday, but we do not want to relive a situation where we are forced to withdraw after a period,” he said.

Joël Rainville in front of the cage … of the Hurricanes

The goalkeeper who was in uniform twice for the Cantonnieres at the start of the week faced the same Cantos on Friday. He who made some friends in the locker room of Magogois could face them.
“It’s pretty cool. I wanted to win the game and that’s what we did. I’m very happy. I thank the coach from Lethbridge who gave me the honor to start the game. It is very appreciated, “assured the Franco-Ontarian, smiling, adding that both teams were very welcoming.


For a rare time in the history of the tournament, the two emergency wardens were dressed. Joël Rainville was in front of the Hurricane cage, while Carl Tetachuk was on the bench of the Cantonniers.


The Cantoners will have to make sure to play with passion during the three periods if they want to have the chance to play the game of the final. “For Saturday, we have to do what we did Friday for two periods,” said Potvin. We just have to work hard in third so we do not fight ourselves. ”


For his part, Jeremy Rainville was not obsessed with the presence of his new friend in the opposite camp. “It was funny to see him on the other side at the beginning, but it’s a game like any other.”


The Cantos will have to meet and forget the game on Friday if they want a chance to win on Saturday. “It’s flat to lose,” says Jérémy Rainville. Everyone wants to win. We will try to cheer up and come back tomorrow. ”


For Felix Potvin, to succeed in finishing the games on the numerical advantage is essential. “We have a lot of opportunities in power play, the coach analyzes. We are close to scoring, but we are not able to do it. We will hope we kept that for the important games on Saturday and Sunday. ”


For his part, Lethbridge Hurricanes head coach Michael Deck is satisfied with the performance of his troupe. “We played well. I think we stayed focused on the game. We have to give them credit, they played well, “he summed up.

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