The first space probe arab road for March

La première sonde spatiale arabe en route pour Mars

TOKYO | probe emirati Al-Amal (Hope), the first space mission to the arab to the planet of Mars, took off on Monday from Japan, and has separated successfully from its launch vehicle about an hour after his departure.

The launch of this spacecraft unmanned, broadcast and online, took place as scheduled from the space center to Tanegashima (south-west of Japan) at 6: 58 am local time (Sunday, 17: 58 in Quebec), after two postponements last week due to bad weather.

Almost an hour after take-off, the applause sounded in the control room of a japanese when the probe is separated from its launch vehicle H-IIA number 42 the society of japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Electric.

In Dubai, the take-off has also been lived with enthusiasm and emotion.

Sarah al-Amiri, deputy director of the project and also the minister of advanced Technologies from the Uae, expressed his “indescribable feeling” at the time of take-off. “This is the future of the Uae”, she told the channel Dubai TV.

Al-Amal sends “a message of pride, hope and peace in the arab world” also stated that the government of the Uae on Twitter. “We relive with the golden age of the discoveries of arab and islamic”.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest tower in the world, was symbolically projected a countdown of ten seconds on its façade, several hours before take-off.

New Images expected

Al-Amal should begin to fly around Mars in February 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the unification of the seven principalities that form the united arab Emirates.

Once on site, the probe must make the tour of the red planet for an entire martian year of 687 earth days. The objective is to provide a full picture and novel of the time dynamics in the atmosphere of Mars.

Most known for their immense reserves of oil and natural gas, their skyscrapers and their taste for luxury, the united arab Emirates aspire to become a major player in the field of science and technology.

Last September, Hazza al-Mansouri became the first Emirati sent into space, to the side of a three member crew aboard a Russian rocket Soyuz. The astronaut is also the first arab citizen to have visited the international space Station (ISS).

The ambitions of the wealthy Gulf State will go even further as it plans to establish a colony of humans on Mars within less than a century.

To prepare, he plans to create a “scientific city” in the desert outskirts of Dubai, to simulate the conditions on mars and developing the technology necessary to colonize the red planet.

Founded in 2006 in Dubai, the space Centre in Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBRSC) was the spearhead of the project of Al-Amal which was attended by some 450 people, of which more than half emirati.

Rush to Mars

The program for emirati launches this summer, a real rush towards March, since two other missions not inhabited, one chinese, the other american, should soon be heading towards this planet as a result of a window shooting favorable for the Earth.

To date, only the United States, India, Russia and the european space Agency have successfully placed probes around Mars.

And only the Americans have managed to land robots intact: four landers (fixed), and four mobile vehicles called rovers (Pathfinder, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, the only one still active).

The United States plans to launch this summer, their rover on mars, the most sophisticated at this day, Perseverance, will try to dig up evidence that microbes lived on this planet there are three and a half billion years.

China is also moving to ship by the end of July, a probe, and a small remote-controlled robot to Mars, under the name of mission Tianwen-1. In 2011, the deployment of a first probe chinese to Mars, in collaboration with Russia, had ended in a failure.

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