The first variety show of the new cohort of Star Académie will take place this Sunday

The first variety show of the new Star Academy cohort will have place this Sunday


19 talented, ambitious and passionate young people will take over Sunday the biggest variety set in the country, that ofStar Académie .

At the end of the final audition, five of them had already confirmed their place in the Academy and showed up for the rehearsals of the first variety show with rather light hearts. p>

“It's just a lot of fun, a lot of fun to sing with my gang of friends, literally,” says Laurie, one of the candidates whose place in the Academy is already assured.


The professors will therefore welcome to Waterloo the 15 academicians selected at the end of this first variety. They will guide them in a humane and caring way through the next 12 weeks.

“I'm convinced that every time someone is going to have to leave us, it's going to break my heart,” reveals Guylaine Tremblay, who acts as a teacher of interpretation with the new cohort.

As for him, the new Sunday variety show host, Marc Dupré, does not hide his excitement and his nervousness at the dawn of this new challenge. “I never thought I would host Star Académie one day in my life. I am a fan of the first show. I was this close to having a tattoo of Wilfred on my lower back! I like this!” he exclaims.

The very first variety show of Star Académie will pay tribute to Daniel Bélanger who will share the stage with academicians and aspiring academicians this Sunday, 7 p.m., at TVA.

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