The first victory goes to the silent majority

La première victoire va à la majorité silencieuse

Almost all the customers crossed in the shops of the Quebec Saturday complied with the obligation to wear the covers-face, despite the omission of a few distracted and arresting spectacular of a badass.

“I have the right to order without a mask “, has launched a man from Montreal in a video shared over 40,000 times on social networks.

A few seconds later, he was arrested by the police in the middle of a Tim Hortons coffee to be expelled.

This scene so long feared appears to have been an isolated case yesterday, when the entry into force of the covers-face compulsory in all enclosed public places in Quebec. This measure has been imposed by the government in order to cope with a resurgence of the contamination, the province recorded its largest number of new cases in three weeks.

“It was zero problem. This is not even a topic of conversation. People put on their masks, ” said Nicholas Allard, the RONA of the avenue du Mont-Royal, Montreal.

At the entrance of most businesses, employees are reminded of the new rule to the customers. Some of the guards even gave to those who did not.

“It was forgotten “, fun Easter Desnoyers, 24, who has had to turn the heels in front of the Simons, Carrefour Laval.

In Quebec, about fifty people came to the Galleries of the Capital without their covers-face during the day, but they did not hesitate to thread it when it was proposed, said. One, saying that he suffered from asthma, was denied.

For the whole agglomeration of Quebec City, police have received seven calls Saturday.

An expert is satisfied

“It reassures me a lot, commented Christian Jacob, president of the Association of microbiologists of Quebec. I was afraid a little bit “, he says, in reference to the many messages from people anti-masks that are circulating.

“I think it is a minority that speaks very loud,” says Mr. Jacob. In addition, three-in-four canadians support the obligation of covering the face, according to a survey that published The Journal.

Dr. Caroline Quach, an epidemiologist, noticed already this week that wearing a mask was far more widespread than the previous week.

“I think we’re going to get there,” she summarizes.

Poor technique

Remains that it is sometimes wrong. A little everywhere, it was easy to see employees touching their covers-face without disinfecting the hands after, in particular, to the caisses.

It is in the corridors of shopping malls as the largest releases were observed.

“Yes, I know [that I’m supposed to keep it], but I work here. Wear it 8 hours per day…, ” said a man crossed the Carrefour Laval, which has preferred to conceal his name.

These pranks are not desirable, but it is difficult to assess their impact on the efficiency of the covers-face, since the virus is mainly spread during prolonged contact, explain the two experts interviewed.

– With Camille Lalancette, QMI Agency, Jérémy Bernier, Journal de Québec, Clara Loiseau and Erika Aubin

The corridor of the shopping centre, it doesn’t count ?

Customers that reduce their cover-face on the chin in order to speak to their partner or to drink in their straw ; men who walk around with their mask in the hand rather than on the figure. It is in the corridors of the shopping centers that the deposit was the least well-respected Saturday, dozens of people appear to have forgotten that it was a closed area.

In the Centre of Laval, there was, moreover, a person at the entrance to check if the mask was well worn, as required by the new rule.

– Dominique Scali

Not worth offending

A first time, three customers pissed off to have to bend to the port of the mask : this is the beginning of the day that brought Shantal Cloutier, a cashier in a convenience store in Bécancour, to launch a call for civility on social networks on Saturday. “I am 46 years old, but for a young girl of 17 years old that this is his first work [sic], she feels how ?” asks she. The rest of the day went well, she says, convinced that the publication has done its the end of the path. “Whatever happens, it is not we who have asked. It’s not worth the trouble to skip check marks “, she says.

– Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

Need a little reminder

Eric-Alexandre Dufort and Pascale Desnoyers

Most of the interventions witnessed by The Log at the entrance of shops yesterday were clients of which the new bond was the output of the head.

“They [the masks] to the house. But we will [immediately] go to buy, ” explained Eric-Alexandre Dufort and Pascale Desnoyers.

– Dominique Scali

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