The Flash-season 5 : the departure of Carlos Valdes (Cisco) teasé in the final ? Fans worried

The Flash saison 5 : le départ de Carlos Valdes (Cisco) teasé dans le final ? Les fans inquiets

The Flash-season 5 : the departure of Carlos Valdes (Cisco) teasé in the final ? Fans worried

The season 5 of The Flash is complete. Don’t panic, Barry Allen, and the others will be back in a season 6 is expected this fall on the CW in the United States. But will they really ALL there ? Not so sure because of rumors announce that for a long time the possible departure of Carlo Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon. The episode 22 of season 5, which was the last before the summer break, seemed to be the same teaser, these good-byes. Enough in any case for worrying the fans. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

The series in the Arrowverse have a little trouble to keep their actors… on The side of the Arrowis Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) who has just made his farewell, just before the season 8 that will be the last. At the beginning of season 4, Supergirl has lost two key players and very popular with the fans : Chris Wood (My-El) and Jeremy Jordan (Winn). The next big departure will there be place in The Flash ?

Goodbye Cisco ?

Since February, rumors have concerned fans of the Flash : Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco since the inception of the series would have decided to leave the show to pursue other projects. When asked about this, the actor has preferred to circumvent the issue, a silence that seems to say a lot… And this is not the final of the season 5, aired yesterday in the United States and available for us in the US+24 on MyTFVOD, which will reassure us. No, Cisco did not really bid farewell final and is not dead (phew !) but the scene seemed still open the door to a departure of the character. In this episode, he asked Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) to give the remedy to remove his side, a meta-human and thus get rid of the Vibe. But his “goodbye” to his friend suggested that he was not going to necessarily review it immediately.

The fans are worried about

Although neither the actor nor the producers have not yet reacted to the rumours and confirmed (or denied) the possible departure of Carlos Valdes, this scene, in any case, panic and concern for many internet users. On Twitter, fans have revealed their concern about the future of the character and have even thanked the actor for his work on the series. What to sow even more doubt on what we can expect in season 6, already ordered by the CW.


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