The Flash season 6 : accused of ruining the series, Candice Patton repackages a fan on Twitter

The Flash saison 6 : accusée de ruiner la série, Candice Patton remballe un fan sur Twitter

The Flash season 6 : accused of ruining the series, Candice Patton pack up perfectly by a fan on Twitter

It is not necessary to search Candice Patton. The interpreter, Iris West Allen in the series the Flash – whose season 6 is currently airing in the USA, has just rembarrer a fan on Twitter after a criticism is totally unjustified.

Candice Patton responds to a critic

The Flash has a nice hit to the television – the series is currently in its sixth season, this does not immunize it and its stakeholders against the critics. And unfortunately for Candice Patton – the interpreter of Iris, it is she who has recently had the right to a bad comment on Twitter.

After having seen share a photo of her on the film sets, a user is thus believed evil of him swinging at the figure : : “to thee only do you ruin The Flash“. Depressing the actress ? Not at all. You can see below, she has not left and has thus responded with engineering : “And I’m even paid a large package of money to do it !” 10/10 in distributed, it is valid.

An actress who is a victim of racism

However, behind this response kinda funny has to hide a certain weariness in the actor. Since the inception of the series in 2014, it is in fact often a victim of criticism from a section of the public, in particular because… of their skin color. To these “fans,” Iris West – the heroine she embodies and adapted from the DC comics, is supposed to be white, therefore making it the casting unacceptable. In fact, it is not uncommon to see Candice Patton be at the centre of racist comments, as deplorable as shameful.

Fortunately, she can always rely on its partners to step up, defend and recall the littleness of mind of these people. This summer, Grant Gustin (Barry) had taken advantage of Instagram to declare : “I will not cease to defend my partners in light of the abuse on my account. (…) My partners know that I am there to support them. (…) Our Iris is an actress who is african-american. She is black, she is beautiful and it is our Iris and she always will be. It has always been and will continue to be. I support it and it supports it all“.

Like what, we can marvel at a series of super-hero and behave like villains in real life…

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