The Flash season 6 : soon a baby for Caitlin / Killer Frost ?

The Flash saison 6 : bientôt un bébé pour Caitlin / Killer Frost ?

The Flash season 6 : soon a baby for Caitlin / Killer Frost ?

While some fans are wondering if Barry is really going to disappear during the season 6 of The Flash, others questioned the possibility of seeing Caitlin / Killer Frost get pregnant this year. Good news, Danielle Panabaker just to answer one of these two questions. Attention spoilers.

Caitlin she will soon fall pregnant in The Flash ? If the question may come as a surprise – the plot of the current season 6 does not open really the door to such a possibility, it deserves nevertheless to be posed. In fact, Danielle Panabaker – her interpreter, has recently revealed on Instagram : she is expecting her first child.

A baby for Caitlin ?

A happy event for the actress that should finally not know his heroine. When questioned on this subject by Entertainment Tonight, Danielle Panabaker said : “I don’t think Caitlin will have a baby. I believe that the purpose [of the creators] is to ignore my rapid transformation“.

It is up to the writers to decide. When I announced my pregnancy, I gave them the possibility to manage it the way they wanted it” she then explained, before adding “I think they have a great vision for the rest of the season“. Gold, with a Caitlin / Killer Frost single – and while Barry and Iris seem to be a priority to this topic, integrating a baby into the story would not really sense here.

One thing is for sure, if the idea of a baby is not yet fully closed to 100%, the one to hide her belly at the screen is fun for the actress : “It’s really going to play ‘hide the bump’. This has already been done elsewhere. With luck, it will not be too obvious“.

Are we all going to turn us into Ralph to attempt to discover the evolution of her belly to the screen ? Of course you are !

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