The Flash-season 6 : the future wife of Ralph embodied by a star of The Originals ?

The Flash saison 6 : la future femme de Ralph incarnée par une star de The Originals ?

The Flash-season 6 : the future wife of Ralph embodied by a star of The Originals

After Cisco in season 5, it’s Ralph who should find love in season 6 of The Flash. One comes to learn, an actress of The Originals, has been recruited in order to embody a very important character from the comics : Sue Dearborn. Attention spoilers.

This summer, Hartley Sawyer – the executor of Ralph, claimed that his character was finally ready to launch a true love story in The Flash : “I think it is really ready for a serious relationship. (…) All roads lead to it, and I think we will actually see them explore this idea next year. It is my hope and my feelings“. A surprise for a series focused on the adventures of super-heroic characters ? Not at all. Barry himself is married to Iris, and Cisco is now happily alongside Kamilla.

Sue Dearborn arrives

Good news for Hartley Sawyer, the writers have obviously heard his message. First, it has recently been discovered in the course of season 6 – currently airing in the USA, Ralph has decided to restart his search for his folder ‘Dearborn’. However, fans of comics know, ‘Dearborn’ is none other than the family name of Sue Dearborn aka his (future) wife.

Secondly, EW has just revealed that actress Natalie Dreyfuss – view in the series The Originals, with the dual role of Cassie / Esther Mikaelson has just been casted to bring to the screen the famous Sue Dearborn. What clearly understand that love is on the way for the elastic man of Central City.

A heroine that is very special

However, we still have to wait a little bit before you discover all of it on the screen. A priori, this new heroine is not expected before 2020 in the series. In particular, the meeting will be primarily linked to a “mystery,With a great intelligence and a personality that is explosive, Sue Dearborn is the daughter of one of the richest families of the city. But behind its reputation precedes it hides another thing, what detective Ralph is going to find out when they will finally meet this season“.

Secrets and love, we are in a hurry.

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