The Flash season 6 : Vibe (Cisco) to return to the crossover in the Arrowverse ?

The Flash saison 6 : Vibe (Cisco) de retour pour le crossover au sein du Arrowverse ?

The Flash season 6 : Vibe (Cisco) back for the crossover ?

The crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths that will soon take place in the Arrowverse will he allow Vibe – the version super-heroic Cisco, to make his grand return ? Carlos Valdes has spoken about his future when the season 6 of The Flash. Attention spoilers.

Vibe back ?

Cisco will he soon become a super-hero ? This question may come as a surprise when we know that the character of Carlos Valdes has abandoned its powers, there are only a few months, but it remains legitimate in the light of the beginning of the season 6 of The Flash. Remember, when Barry was taking advantage of the helmet of Jay Garrick to discover the many possible futures related to the Crisis, Cisco appeared… as a Vibe.

Real clue about the future of the character, or a simple wink from the creators ? It is this that has tried to find out TVLine by querying the actor. His response ? “I don’t know. I don’t know the future. So I can’t talk about it, or predict what will happen. All I know is that a Crisis is coming and we must prepare“. You also find that this beautiful language of wood (the crossover has already been shot) seems to clearly indicate a small surprise about the Vibe ?

A crossover huge

Anyway, the only certainty at the present time, this famous crossover within the Arrowverse, which will stage Crisis on Infinite Earths will be historic. When asked about it, Carlos Valdes could not hide his excitement : “It is massive. To such A point that it is unlikely. I don’t know what kinds of energy drinks these guys drunk to imagine such stuff, because it goes on surprise after surprise after surprise, action sequences over special effects over plot…

It is simple, if you loved the crossover of the last year, you are not ready for this one : “Just when I thought last year already reached the limit of the senseless things, this crossover happens“.

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