The Flash season 6 : Wally (Kid Flash) back soon, the new face for a big bad

The Flash saison 6 : Wally (Kid Flash) bientôt de retour, nouveau visage pour un grand méchant

The Flash season 6 : Kid Flash’s soon return, the new face for a big bad

The second part of the season 6 of The Flash promises already of nice surprises. It is not yet known if Barry will be there, but we already know that Wally / Kid Flash will be back, just like a famous villain who, for the occasion, will change the face. Attention spoilers.

Return of a super-hero to Central City

If you ever worry about never again see Earth-1 (and the others) after the events of the first three parts of the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths in the Arrowverse, don’t worry, everything will be better in 2020. The proof, The Flash will return next year with the second part of season 6.

In this regard, far away from the concerns of the fans regarding the clash between the heroes of the CW and the Anti-Monitor, which will end in January in the USA, Eric Wallace (the showrunner) has already promised to TVInsider as a cult figure of the series would make its return to Central City in a few weeks : “After you worked on him-even in Tibet, Wally aka Kid Flash, will come back to help Team Flash in order to defeat a threat familiar… but that will be a new face“.

A Kid Flash 2.0

How naughty will it be ? Why would his face be different ? The mystery remains, for the moment, but the return of a speedster is not to be excluded. Only certainty at the present time, the half-brother of Iris – one left broken after her break up with Jesse and his quest for existential, will be transformed during his appearance in episode 14.

What is different this time is that Wally has grown up, at the same time as its powers,” warned Eric Wallace. “It will not be the same Kid Flash than in the past. It will be a new direction, more exciting to this character, with a Wally – like the rest of the team, will face the world post-Crisis“.

It is not yet known if Barry will be at his side, but we can already expect a few moments of badass.

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