The Flash season 8: a character killed in episode 2, the showrunner speaks

The Flash season 8: a character killed in episode 2, the showrunner speaks Episode 2 of season 8 of The Flash aired this Tuesday, November 23, 2021 on the CW in the USA (no release date in France is is still known) surprised all fans. In question ? It has been announced that a cult character from the series is now dead. Do we really have to take out the handkerchiefs? Can we hope for a miracle? Eric Wallace (the showrunner) has spoken about this. Warning for spoilers.

Season 7 of The Flash had seen two iconic characters from the series bid farewell to fans, namely Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Two absences still difficult to digest for the fans, which unfortunately could not be the last. If we rely on episode 2 of season 8, broadcast this Tuesday, November 23, 2021 on the CW in the USA, the Arrowverse series could have lost another of its heroes.

A new character killed in The Flash ?

In the last minutes of the episode, we could indeed see Barry (Grant Gustin) propose to organize a small party in the house of the West in order to enjoy the jambalaya of Joe (Jesse L. Martin), a recipe inherited from his grandma, before hearing Caitlin remind her of a terrible reality, “ Joe died six months ago “.

Yes, you read that right, Iris' father seems to have died in the universe of The Flash during an off-camera sequence. Why ? How? 'Or' What ? Is this a lie? Despero – is the new big villain causing this situation? This is precisely what TVLine tried to find out during an interview with Eric Wallace, the showrunner. Response from the interested party? It's totally blurry …

Joe West really dead? Early Theories

Let's just say Joe is about to discover an incredibly new perspective on life and that's going to lead him to, I think, a really huge choice ” , in particular confided the showrunner. You do not understand ? The rest is not more obvious, “Everyone thinks his biggest decision was last year, when he handed in his badge, but there's an even bigger one coming in Season 8 that will take the character down a path he had not considered, even if it will appear to him to be something obvious “.

A mysterious statement that nevertheless lets us understand one thing: even if the character is announced as dead, we will see him again on the screen this year . The question is: how? According to one theory, the current 5-episode crossover is actually the end of season 8, so a plot from the future. Also, once this event is over, the series could go back in time and allow us to find out how the situation got to this point and therefore, how Joe died through the staging of his evolution.

Another theory, more interesting for us, suggests that it was Despero who actually implanted this idea of ​​Joe's death in the characters' heads in order to play with Barry's psychology. Finally, some fans imagine that Barry will simply reboot reality following his future victory against Despero, something he has already been able to do in the past, which would explain the enigmatic words of Eric Wallace. Having been brought back to life after having known the afterlife, Joe could indeed embark on an unprecedented adventure in order to take advantage of this second chance and possible new knowledge.

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