The flight attendant played hide and seek on Board the aircraft and surprised the passengers

Eyewitnesses say they saw hiding the stewardess when she came into the plane

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Стюардесса поиграла в прятки на борту самолета и удивила пассажиров

The flight attendant hid in the plane and surprised the passengers

Passenger Airlines Southwest Airlines named Veronica Lloyd has published online a funny video, which shows the flight attendant hiding on the shelf above the seats (for hand Luggage) on the plane. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Watch the video: the secrets of flight attendants

The lady claims that she saw the cabin attendant, when he entered the plane. “I think she just wanted to look funny and to amuse the passengers”, – said Lloyd, noting that later, the flight attendant climbed down, and continued to serve tourists.

Representatives of the airline commented on the incident in an official letter. They reported that their employees love to show their sense of humor and entertain the passengers.

We will remind, earlier “Today” I wrote, as airplane passengers who have sex in the bathroom, got into an awkward situation because the flight attendants with a good sense of humor. We also revealed some interesting details of how the flight attendants appreciate the passengers on the plane.

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