The flight for one passenger

                                Авиарейс для одного пассажира

American was the only traveler on Board the aircraft of the airline Bangkok Airways, designed for 156 passengers.

A resident of Miami Latsami McAdoo vacationing in Thailand. From there, the girl reserved a seat on flight “Bangkok — Samui”. Already in the plane, she found that the other travelers in the cabin of the Airbus A319, no.

The video, which was filmed McAdoo, is seen as she dances in the aisle between the empty rows, but after a while begins to worry about turbulence. “At first it was exciting and even funny. I was allowed to run along the aisle and dance. But then the plane started to shake. I was afraid that this flight may be the last for me. Fortunately, the pilot managed to land safely on the island,” said the American.

Video of an unusual flight, you can watch on the youtube channel of T&T Creative Media.

Express info by country

Thailand (Kingdom of Thailand) is a country in South-East Asia.

                                Авиарейс для одного пассажира


                                Авиарейс для одного пассажира

Coat of arms

                                Авиарейс для одного пассажира

Capital – Bangkok

The largest city – Bangkok

Form of government – Constitutional monarchy

The territory is 514 000 km2 (50th in the world)

Population – 65,1 million (20th in the world)

Official language – Thai

Religion – Buddhism

HDI – 0,726 (93rd in the world)

GDP – $404,82 billion (29th in the world)

Currency – baht

Borders: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, in South Africa a passenger aircraft shot his downfall.

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