The forest fire is losing ground in the Lac-Saint-Jean

Le feu de forêt perd du terrain au Lac-Saint-Jean

The forest fire which raged in the north of the Lac-Saint-Jean for the last several days is now considered “content”, while the area of devastated forest was revised downward.

In the past 24 hours, the territory affected by the blaze rose to an area of 72 000 ha to 62 000 hectares, a small reduction which gives hope.

“This is good news! It is not earned, but we’re working on it, ” said Josée Poitras, a spokesman for the SOPFEU

The rain of the last hours has contributed to this decline. Forest firefighters can now do more interventions from the air, as on earth.

To try to continue in this vein, the reinforcement is sent. In particular, a forty firefighters from Alberta came to lend a hand on Tuesday, while others arrive later from Manitoba. By Friday, 200 fire fighters are on the ground.

However, even if the fire loses momentum, the concern of vacationers continues to increase.

“We’re really worried, it’s expensive to make these cottages in full nature,” said Alain Renaud, the owner of a cottage in the area.

This man had to leave to look forward to his haven of peace, where he spent the majority of his time over the past 20 years.

“When I saw the big smoke, I said to my wife “he must leave”. We took the most things possible in the truck and off we went. In my way, I was 500 metres away from the fire, I really don’t like it, he would have been able to get a few things”, he recounted.

However, the fire has forged new links since the owners of the chalets together.

“There are already people that I barely know who want to come lend me a hand, they’ll come help me rebuild after that, it is like this, the world of wood, we all share the same passion, and we help each other,” said Mr. Renaud.

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