The forest fire still out of control in the Lac-Saint-Jean

Le feu de forêt toujours incontrôlable au Lac-Saint-Jean

The important fire that raged north of lac Saint-Jean is still out of control Monday morning and has burned up to now more than 71 000 hectares of forest, or nearly one and a half times the island of Montreal.

The firefighters are working hard to steer it so it does the least damage as possible, especially in the area near the hydroelectric station of Péribonka.

Teams from Ontario are dispatched on-site today to assist firefighters in quebec to fight the blaze.

On Sunday, the two ministers flew over the affected area to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Human activity in question

The minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks Pierre Dufour said on Sunday that human activity was involved. In the press conference, he showed a photograph showing a circle of rock where it had apparently been lit a camp fire, near the area Chute-des-Passes.

“One can’t be certain, but all indications are that this is where the huge fire was first born,” explained the minister.

460 forest fires

Since the beginning of the year, 460 forest fires were reported on the territory of Quebec, which is double the number at this time last year.

“We started with a spring that has been very dry, we had a lot of spring fires in the southern part of Quebec, it is in climbing back up,” says Josée Poitras, agent, prevention and communications to the Sopfeu.

Open fires are currently prohibited on the whole territory of the country.

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