The former glories of French rugby pay tribute to Alain Estève in Puisserguier

The former glories of French rugby pay tribute to Alain Estève in Puisserguier

La cérémonie d’hommage était très émouvante. Midi Libre – Rodrigue Delpas

Mardi 23 avril, au cimetière de Puisserguier, l’amicale des anciens internationaux a déposé une plaque commémorative sur le caveau de la famille Estève en hommage au "Grand".

There is a special atmosphere this Tuesday, April 23, at the Puisserguier cemetery. Despite the sun, it's not hot. They are a dozen former glories of French rugby, happy to meet again, like back in the day. They try as best they can to shelter themselves from the wind which never stops blowing. What they have in common: they are part of the association of former internationals and knew 'Le Grand', Alain Estève, legendary rugby player from Béziers who died last November. They came to pay homage to him.

"A duty of morality"

"It’is a moral duty, believes the former scrum half of the XV of France and from the ASBH, Richard Astre. This tribute is an idea from the association of former internationals. We have remained close, we try to meet up as often as possible, during ASBH matches in particular. This kind of moment revives the memory.

It was Michel Pebeyre, who came from Brive especially for the occasion, who spoke first, before placing a commemorative plaque on the Estève family vault . "We launched this idea of ​​tribute three years ago, explains the man who is now president of the association of former internationals . I absolutely wanted to be there for the plaque dropping, it’s very good that everyone was able to come, his family is there too."

"I am very touched"

Not far away, indeed, Jennifer, the daughter of Alain Estève, is very moved: "I'm very touched to see all these people, she smiles. It’is important to me to see that he is still remembered." With tears in her eyes, she continues, choking back a sob. "He was my dad, a humble man.&quot ;

Like many of those present that day. "I only have good memories with him on the pitch, recalls Michel Pebeyre. I didn't know the man, only the player". Unlike Bernard Sabatier, who knew the ’ ;rsquo;man, of whom he was a close friend. "I experienced unforgettable moments with Alain, he remembers. Rugby is It’s one thing, I remember that he was a man who had a big heart. He gave a lot of himself, to many people, his door was always open. We must not forget it."

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