The former Lindemann told how Loboda took the soloist of the Rammstein: “Rampant in the…”

Бывшая Линдеманна рассказала, как Лобода увела солиста Rammstein: "Безудержный в..."

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The singer Svetlana Loboda was often seen in the company of the soloist Rammstein till Lindemann. Most recently, she starred in his new video. Fans of both artists regularly discuss what is happening in the relationship between them, and whether the Lindemann father-year-old daughter Loboda – Tilde.

Бывшая Линдеманна рассказала, как Лобода увела солиста Rammstein: "Безудержный в..."

Till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda

Ex-girlfriend Anna Lindemann said in an interview that after 4 years, met with an artist went on tour with him. She explained what it was like to live with Lindemann, and how was their joint days.

“Of course, thill did not offer me to move to Germany and cook his favorite Russian borscht. I began to go on tour with him around the world, and it was like some endless holiday, most often on Halloween! He was in unrestrained sex and even more rampant in the bar… Sometimes it is very interfere. One day I couldn’t zabudetsya it after a crazy night, he just refused to get up an hour before soundcheck. The organizers were angry at me because I was the only one from the entire team, who was “in itself”. Thill never make excuses for this behavior, and he always got away with it. Because he’s the best in the world musician and a terrific man”, – tells Anna about her life with the Thill.

Anna admits that she wasn’t the only girl at Lindemann. In Germany, the artist was a constant girl, and he doesn’t hide the fact that one woman is not enough for him.

“He was not married, but in Berlin he had a steady girlfriend of Course, I couldn’t hang up the camera a go-Pro and track everything he does without me. But till did not hide the fact that one girlfriend he can’t get enough, but he’s ready to love each of them as he can,” explains Anna.

Бывшая Линдеманна рассказала, как Лобода увела солиста Rammstein: "Безудержный в..."

Till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda

Anna shared and the time that Lindemann met with Svetlana Loboda. She says that the artist literally went mad from Loboda, and between them flashed the spark:

“At the festival we were together. After he saw Loboda, thought that was crazy. It was clear to me that between them the spark, like all the others. But to extinguish it I’m not going to. Don’t want to be like our celebrities and to write that “Loboda stole my beloved” or something. I really don’t need. Just by the time I’m honestly tired of this lifestyle. So all by itself and over.”

We will remind, earlier “We are all waiting…”: Loboda stunned fans the incredible news, intrigued for a long time.

Also Znayu wrote that the Germans appreciated the video and Lindemann Loboda: “Especially the ending….”.

Another Portal Znayu reported that Loboda broke the head Lindemann in the new clip, fans don’t recognize the star: “where the bare rear*Tsy?”.

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