The former of Julien Lacroix publishes a long testimony

L'ex de Julien Lacroix publie un long témoignage

The former lover of Julien Lacroix Geneviève Morin, who has been in a relationship with the comedian for six years, continued his testimony in a text that is poignant, published on Wednesday on the platform Urbania.

The Duty was published on Monday the testimony of nine alleged victims of Julian Lacroix, who accused him of misconduct and sexual assault. Among them, his ex Geneviève Morin told the newspaper the night of the fall of 2019 where Julien Lacroix landed in her home, eight months after their break-up.

“He assaulted me sexually, she said. I told him “no, stop” and, despite that, he continued. I was crying, but he did what he had to do and when he had finished, he handed his pants and told me “stop crying, you don’t know how much I love you” and he left.”

Wednesday, Geneviève Morin spoke again in a long text, which paints a more detailed portrait of his relationship with Julien Lacroix, which she describes as one who was “the love of [her] life” but also its “worst enemy”.

It evokes the physical and psychological abuse that she suffered. “[…] how to forget the “whores”, the “fucking stupid” or “bitchs” who spilled out of your mouth vodkarisée, at 5 in the morning? How can I forget the tears withheld… our long conversations exhausting and emotional about your alcohol problem? How can I forget that night, carried away by anger, you’re come to blows?”

Then, Geneviève Morin has explained why she remained in a relationship with him for so long. “People are asking: how has it been to stay for 6 years? You see that in their eyes. I am heading often tell them that there are no areas of white or black,” she said.

“When it’s our best friend who hurts us, and when it is the guy in love who wants to, that is-what we can do? That is what we can do when our greatest enemy, it is the love of our life?” questions-does it then.

Call to reflection

Throughout his text, Geneviève Morin calls for a social reflection on the wave of denunciations that is surging over the past two weeks, which shows, according to her, “that there is a problem in our society.”

“I wonder just what our company was going to withdraw from this whole situation: what are we going to do to really change things. Because Julien is one of the symptoms of this disease that we sclerosis and I wonder… How are we gonna do to make it heal collectively?”

She goes on to say that in this context, it is completely normal that he [Julien Lacroix] to lose its privileges. “Because, yes, the success, the huge grandstand and the notoriety, they are privileges, not rights”, she said.

Before completing and sending it to him, she states that she is “not ready to forgive someone who has never wanted to admit his wrongs, which [has] handled and who has never tried really to change his deviant behaviour”.

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