The fourth edition of the P’tit tour Nîmois cycled 600 CM2 students in two days

The fourth edition of the P’tit tour Nîmois cycled 600 CM2 students in two days

The P'tit tour Nîmes brought together 600 children over two days. City of Nîmes – Dominique Marck

The fourth edition of the P'tit tour Nîmois took place this Thursday June 6 and Friday June 7. CM2 students spread across 25 classes in the city were introduced to cycling. A walk combining culture and physical activity in the city center, complemented by a sports village on the esplanade.

A good hour of cycling around the Écusson, stopping in particular at the Jardins de la Fontaine, the Maison Carrée and the Natural History Museum. This is the P’tit tour Nîmes, which brings together over two days around 600 students, mostly CM2, from 25 schools in the city.

Final stage of the learning cycle to know how to ride

"It’is a bit like the highlight" of the know-how-to-ride-a-bike program, explains Louis Dieuleveux , teacher in Grézan. This national system teaches CM2s to get around by bike. To validate the knowledge of how to ride, you must complete a route in an urban environment. For practical reasons, "very few schools do it", continues the teacher. The P’tit tour allows to organize the last stage.

The departure and arrival of the tour takes place on the esplanade. Each class visits three stands among the seven offered. A dietician, a repair workshop, or even a campus offering cycling training are present. ;nbsp;On the stand of the Departmental Handisport Committee (CDH) children can test, among other vehicles adapted for motor or sensory disabilities, a tandem for the visually impaired. The one in the back pedals blindfolded.

Helmets and bikes provided

The municipal police also have their workshop, a course combining cycling and highway code. All year round, a dedicated team works with classes as part of learning how to ride. The police also supervise the CM2 during this final loop.

Helmets and two-wheelers are provided by the municipality. "There are around 150 bikes", indicates Stéphane Seabra, project manager for the City's sporting events . "That's a lot of logistics for us." For this fourth edition of the P’tit tour Nîmes, the little ones ;rsquo;tits cyclists in yellow vests prepared the ground before the arrival of the Tour de France, on July 16.

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