The French Assa Traoré to honor at the BET awards

La Française Assa Traoré à l’honneur lors des BET awards

Washington | French Assa Traoré, an emblematic figure of the struggle against police violence and racism since the death of his brother, Adama, “killed” it by the forces of the order in france, received on Sunday the price BET Global Good.

Assa Traoré, 35 years, thanked BET, a string of american television which awards prizes to leaders in african-american or minority, believing that it was a ” recognition “.

“It is a recognition for all victims, to all the families who continue to fight for truth and justice,” she said in a video message at a ceremony virtual awards.

Large afro and wearing a T-shirt ” justice for Adama “, Assa Traoré, who had never campaigned before, is seen today compared to an “Angela Davis” in france, in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Since the death in July 2016 of his brother after his arrest by gendarmes in Beaumont-sur-Oise, in the parisian region, she went on demonstrations, speaking engagements, interviews. Backed by a strong “committee” of twenty relatives and activists of districts, it unflaggingly called for “truth and justice” for Adama.

His “truth” to it is that his brother was ” killed “. The investigation, still in progress, was turned at the battle of expert opinions, without questioning the forces of law and order.

Become an activist full-time, she has never returned to his job of special education teacher and lives with her three children aged six, eight and 12 years in an apartment on the outskirts of Paris.

If the “fight Adama” remained so far rather limited to neighbourhoods and spheres activists, the emotion of the planetary caused by the death of George Floyd gave him a different order of magnitude.

George Floyd, African-american, 46 years old, was killed by a white policeman in Minneapolis on may 25. The autopsy showed that it is the pressure exerted by the police on his torso and his neck that caused his death.

With his committee, Assa Traoré has brought together at the beginning of June thousands of people in the capital and hundreds of others elsewhere in France.

The “battle” Assa has also crossed borders. Several american newspapers have made a portrait of him these last few days and the star Rihanna has split from a post on the social network via the account of its brand in recognition of his commitment.

In France, its positions continue to provoke controversy, several intellectuals denouncing a “racialization” of public debate, in defiance of ” universalism republican “.

Since 2016, his speech was politicized. “With the name of my brother, I’ll change everything I can change,” she recently told the AFP.

We have thus seen to take the head of a demonstration against the policy of Emmanuel Macron in 2018, scroll to the sides of the ” yellow Vests “, or more recently of health care providers.

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