The French Building Federation is relaunching favorably in Béziers

The French Building Federation is relaunching favorably in Béziers

Les élus et le sous-préfet avec Bertrand Couronne et Gilbert Comos de la FFB.

Gilbert Comos, président départemental de la Fédération française du bâtiment (FFB) et son vice-président, Bertrand Couronne, ont accueilli élus, chefs d’entreprises et artisans afin de leur présenter le renouveau de l’antenne biterroise de la FFB.

Elected officials, the sub-prefect, construction professionals, business leaders and craftsmen, all gathered in front of the premises of a brand new building around an appetizing buffet and with a large dose of good humor in the ranks… This Friday, April 5, in Béziers, the French Building Federation Hérault (FFB Hérault) pulled out all the stops.

From mid-morning, Bertrand Couronne, the vice-president of the structure, responsible for the renewal of the Federation in Béziers, was on the move. It was with pride that in the process, the business leader presented "the relaunch" of the Béziers section of the FFB, referring to the great epic of the Béziers rugby club and not hiding its attachment to the ASBH.

Supporting professionals

Since September, in Béziers, the FFB has also relied on Céline Coffin. Three days a week, the young woman listens to the members, the structure being responsible for supporting them so that they can face, among other things, the various problems encountered. nbsp;in their profession: various regulations, technical standards, legal aid, accounting, administrative tasks… But also development of the professional network, setting up meetings, support, promotion…

850 companies in Hérault

In Hérault, the FFB brings together 850 companies and 12,600 employees out of the 26,000 in the construction sector: "In Béziers, we are relaunching a historic place that is more than 50 years old,rejoices Gilbert Comos, the departmental president of the FFB, at the head of a Montpellier structural work company with more than 100 employees. In Hérault, we are lucky to have a metropolis like Montpellier but also towns, like Béziers, which evolve in a very dynamic basin. We want to be present throughout the territory, hence the importance of also being in Béziers, where there has been a certain revival in recent years. Especially since I am from Biterrois and grew up in Sérignan! We mainly bring together SMEs, but large groups are also members. The goal is to support them, to provide them with a medium and long term vision. I also always encourage all entrepreneurs, in this profession that manages people, to continue training, to help their young employees grow because when This will start again in the construction sector, we must not be cut off from human resources. They are what makes the company valuable."

Gilbert Comos also makes no secret of hoping for a balance, or even a recovery in the sector by the end of the year. Professionals will have to anticipate it, adapt to the market and the economic situation. The FFB will be there to help them.

The FFB has been present in Béziers for over 50 years

"Historically, there has been a branch in Béziers of the FFB since the time of the construction of Cap-d’Agde< /em> (which was launched in the early 1970s, Editor's note), explains Bertrand Couronne, vice-president of the FFB Hérault since 2018, responsible for relaunching the Biterroise structure. The federation began to decline in Béziers in the 2000s, with activity moving to Montpellier which grew more and more. Rolland Abello, a key entrepreneur in Capestang, was the first president of the Béziers branch. Marc Sin (general masonry and structural work of buildings in Béziers) then succeeded him.

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