The French created “flying train” (video)

                                Французы создали "летающий поезд" (видео)

To get to the runway will now be much easier.

International company Akka Technologies, which is based in France, has introduced the modular concept of the plane Link & Fly.

The concept is separate from the passenger compartment and detachable wings. Such a modular system should facilitate the process of boarding passengers and transport them to the airport.

                                Французы создали "летающий поезд" (видео)

Express info by country

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth among all the planets of the Solar system in size.

                                Французы создали "летающий поезд" (видео)

Age – 4.54 billion years

Average radius – 6 378,2 km

The average circumference – 030,2 40 km

Area – 072 510 million km2 (of 29.1 percent and 70.9% water)

The number of the continents – 6: Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica

The number of oceans – 4: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic

Population – 7.3 billion people (50.4% of men and 49.6% women)

The most densely populated States: Monaco (18 678 people/km2), Singapore (7607/km2) and the Vatican (1914/km2)

Number of countries: a total of 252 independent 195

The number of languages in the world – about 6,000

The number of official languages – 95; the most common are English (56 countries), French (29 countries) and Arabic (24 countries)

The number of nationalities – about 2 000

Climatic zones: Equatorial, tropical, temperate and Arctic (main) + sub-Equatorial, subtropical and subarctic (transitional)

The concept has received first prize in Aerospace Festival Etoiles.

Now the firm hopes that its interested in the development of the national space Agency.

                                Французы создали "летающий поезд" (видео)

Sizes Link & Fly: the length of 33.8 metres, the height is 8.2 meters, a wingspan of 48.8 metres.

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