The French fast food chain O'Tacos is setting up in Canada

The French fast food chain O'Tacos is setting up in Canada


The French fast-food chain O'Tacos, specializing in “French-style halal tacos”, will set up in Canada and is aiming for 50 openings in five years thanks to its partnership with the company Foodtastic which runs many franchises there, she announced Wednesday.

Founded in 2007 in Grenoble, O'Tacos was acquired in 2018 by the Belgian investment fund Kharis Capital, which integrated it into its fast food platform QSRP (Quick Service Restaurant Platform), which brings together nearly a thousand of restaurants employing 6,000 people in seven European countries.

O'Tacos, which presents itself as the “inventor of the French taco, a Mexican classic revisited à la française” whose customer chooses the ingredients (halal meat, cheese sauce …), “served by the minute, on site or on delivery”, aims for a first restaurant opening in “the Montreal region” in the second quarter of 2023, specifies the chain in a press release.

To that end, O'Tacos has partnered with Foodtastic, “one of Canada's leading restaurant brand franchisors,” whose North American network has 1,250 restaurants and sales of $1.1 billion. , with the Quesada, Freshii, Second Cup, Pita Pit, Milestones, Fionn MacCool's, Shoeless Joe's, Rotisseries Benny, La Belle et La Boeuf and Monza brands.

Foodtastic will have exclusive rights to develop the O brand. 'Tacos – whose restaurants are often “dark kitchens” or kitchens exclusively dedicated to delivery and/or take-out – with a target of 50 openings in the next 5 years, according to the press release.

< p>The O'Tacos brand, which has more than 260 restaurants in France, is also present in the Netherlands — where it has announced that it will develop in partnership with the Johnny's Burger Company chain —, in Germany, in Italy, in Spain and plans to set up in Switzerland next summer.

QSRP is developing, in addition to O'Tacos, the hamburger brands Burger King and Quick, as well as the “sustainable seafood” brand Nordsee & ; Go! Fish.